Best Chiropractic Cum Physiotherapist in Amravati


Are you looking for the best physiotherapist in Amravati? Have a look at the #1 physiotherapist cum chiropractic in Amravati. There are many patients who suffer from a chronic ailment, either it could be someone with pain in the spine, joints, nerves, and many more severe conditions such as Kyphosis, Arthritis, Scoliosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Sacroillities, and nerves pain.


Chiropractic is the process of diagnosis and manipulative treatment of misalignments of the joints and spine. These processes are capable to make the patient attitude +ve towards surgery free life. The spine manipulation works directly on the cause and aligns the spine in a natural way. Dr. Abhijeet Kamble is the only chiropractor available in Amravati city.

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  • Amit E

    Dr. Abhijeet is very professional and the success rate for patients is 100%. Staff is very humble and cooperative

    Amit E
  • Akshay Mankar

    I was suffered with ACL injury in My Right Knee. After operation of my knee, I met with Dr. Abhijeet for physiotherapy. He took my physeo session for 2 Months. After two months I am able to Walk without any support. Under his guidance I recovered very well. All the staffs are very supportive. All physeo machines are also in good condition. Dr. Abhijeet is very nice person and very friendly. Thank You Dr. Abhijeet.

    Akshay Mankar
  • Dr. Ravi Ahar

    My colleague in Amaravati recover very well by Dr. Abhijit Kambale Thank you!

    Dr. Ravi Ahar

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